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We take the advanced technology trend, based on the advanced technology field and provide the reliable technical service as the foundation of the enterprise business development, and insist on the direction of the development of the company with advanced products...
AddHongshan machine photoelectric industrial park,(No.180 Hongyun Rd) New District, Jiangsu, China
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Wuxi Dalishen Rolling mill manufacture co.,ltd. is located at Hongshan machine photoelectric industrial park of Wuxi New district.The company covers a total area of 20,000 square meters, with more than 50 sets various types of precision machining equipments and large gantry milling machines, CNC floor type boring and milling machines, etc. The annual production capacity is over 5000Ton(more than 200 sets).

Since the company was established in 1985, DALISHEN rolling mill was committed to technical research and production practice on all kinds of two roll, four roll, six roll, twelve roll reversing and twenty roll reversing and continuous rolling mills. After three decades of unremitting efforts and bold innovation, DALISHEN not only achieved fruitful research results in the technical field, but also managed to promote the products to be widely used in hot-rolled strip, cold-rolled strip steel, carbon steel, stainless steel, tungsten and molybdenum titanium steel, non-ferrous metal, composite steel, PPGI, welding pipe and other industries. Meanwhile the products were sold throughout the country and exported to many countries in Southeast Asia and Africa. The company has built a great company image as a high-tech company integrating production, study and research.

The qualification and honor of a company is not only the result of business integrity, but also the key factor for the protection of the interests of customers.
We have gathered a group of outstanding talents in the field of research, development and
industrialization. They possess the advanced technology in the world and have rich work experience.We are proud of having
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AddHongshan machine photoelectric industrial park,(No.180 Hongyun Rd) New District, Jiangsu, China
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